2022 Update

Note from Dr. Collings

We have moved and joined the Queens Health Centre in Thornton, June 2023. It was bittersweet closing down the Alliston Integrative health location, but we are thrilled to be onto the next exciting chapter, working with a larger team including the MDs and Pharmacists at the Queens.

We are Social!

Our clinic has many ways to stay connected. We have an Instagram account where you can see beatiful posts and recipies (and sometimes babies) and learn more about local Alliston events. Check out our Insta. We are also posting health advice and tips on the old Facebook and twitter. Hit us up with a follow on Facebook and Twitter. We also have a monthly email newsletter about special coupons and free events. If you are more old school and not into the social media, please shoot us an email to be added to the monthly email newsletter mailing list.

We love your faces!