About Queens Health Centre

David practices out of the Queens Health Centre, 238 Barrie St., Thornton, ON. It is a beautiful, historic old building, originally built in the 1800s as the Queens Hotel. The Queens was converted to a medical and wellness Centre in 2021.

There is a large team working at the Queens including medical primary care physicians, Walk-in clinic, Naturopathic Doctors, RMTs, Psychotherapists, and more. When you arrive, drive in teh cobblestone path to find parking around the back of the building. Walk in to check in with reception at the main lobby, who will then advise you to head to the 2nd floor lounge sofas to wait for me to come get you. If mobility is a concner, we can also facilitate main floor appointments.

Naturopathic Doctors: Your initial visit will be 60-75 minutes and consist of an extensive health history and discussion of your present health concerns, as well as any relevant physical exams in office. Your second visit will be 45-60 minutes and may include a thorough plan, where specialized naturopathic diagnostic testing or standard laboratory and diagnostic imaging tests may be suggested. Typically follow up appointments are 30 min. We hope follow ups are less than once a month, ultimately we want to cure and heal you so you do not have to return for constant appointments, and hope you just check in annually.

Registered Massage Therapy: Our Massage therapists offer traditional massage therapy, as well as some advanced techniques to resolve chronic pain including cupping and cold laser therapy.

Osteopath: Our Manual Osteopath offers hand on treatment (hybrid between chiropractic and massage). Osteopathy gives you the tools to help you maintain and even improve your strength, mobility, and flexibility. Appointments are typically 1 hour.

Queens Pharmacy: (705) 458-0003. This integrative pharmacy has all your regular Prescription needs, but ALSO our high quality natural health products and supplements! The Queens Family Pharmacy can be found on the main floor of the Health Centre, and is open M-F 930-530, and Saturdays from 10-2.

The pharmacy sells a variety of proffesional grade (ND prescription only) natural health products and supplements which you can refill from them anytime (if prescribed by Dr. Collings, ND). They also cary some standard over the counter supplements such as herbal cough syrups, natural shampoos, pain balms, and essential oil and bug (tick) repellents.