About Allison Integrative Health Clinic

Our clinic provides a wide range of safe and effective treatments for a variety of health conditions.

We are a team of integrative healthcare practitioners who complement eachother to provide any person with complementary healthcare services which are covered by benefit plans.

Naturopathic Doctors: Your initial visit will be 60-90 minutes and consist of an extensive health history and discussion of your present health concerns. You will be asked to complete a detailed health questionnaire, designed to help you identify your health needs and to provide your doctor with a complete medical history. Your second visit will be 45-60 minutes and may include a thorough plan, where specialized naturopathic diagnostic testing or standard laboratory and diagnostic imaging tests may be suggested. Typically follow up appointments are 30 min. We hope follow ups are less than once a month, ultimately we want to cure and heal you so you do not have to return for constant appointments. A typical patient will need 4 appointments their first year, and once we get them healthy again maybe once or twice a year.

Registered Massage Therapy: Our Massage therapists offer traditional massage therapy, as well as some advanced techniques to resolve chronic pain including acupuncture and cold laser therapy.

Registered Psychotherapy: Our Registered Psychotherapists offer one hour counselling appointmets for a vatiety of mental health concerns, for individuals or couples. Success in therapy is achieved by adopting a client-centered approach with a safe and caring, judgement-free environment in which life challenges can be processed and overcome.

Our clinic sells a variety of proffesional grade (doctor prescription only) natural health products and supplements, as well as some standard over the counter supplements such as natural shampoos and pain balms. All appointments, and some labs are covered by extended health benefit plans. Ask your benefit providor for more details as to coverage amounts.

Alliston: 705-434-2088